Tailor's shop “BENI” was established as a trade on October the 1st 1998.

We make suits and costumes for men and women, suits for children using high quality material from our verified suppliers. Garments are exclusively tailor made, according to our models or your own desire.

We would like to point out several programmes:

Wedding garments

These garments are made out of carefully selected material, combined with details such as brocade waistcoat, formal scarves and neckties, belts, bows, handkerchiefs as fashion accessories, all being recognisable elements for this occasion and part of our own programme.

Business garments

Business suits, suits for women, shirts, workwear for receptionists, waiters, and similar.

Casual garments

Jackets, trousers, skirts, coats, and other garments.

Clerical garments

We make cassocks, casuables, “kolarka” shirts, robes for bishops, priest, friars, theologians, and others.

High quality machine embroidery of ecclesiastical motives according to templates and own ideas.

Machine embroidery

Making of machine embroidery programme, machine embroidery services for our own and your garments, shirts, caps, shawls, as well as the making of ready-made emblems.

Garments for bands

According to your own suggestions, we create the distinguished look of your band for the stage: ("Črleni lajbeki", "Dečki z'bregov", "Fakini", "Lepi cajti", "Podvinčani", and others)

Tailor made hunting garments

Making of hunting garments ordered by the customer, tailor made with machine-embroidered collar in two models:

     -Russian-cut collar

     -open cut

Gala uniforms

Making of formal fire-fighter uniforms, uniforms for wind instrument orchestra, majorettes, and others.